• I address every design problem on its own terms: the needs of the client, the nature of the site, the realities of construction, among many others. This inherent order is acknowledged before self-expression enters the design process. 
  • Different projects have different needs. I thrive on exploring the inner potential and hidden possibilities of each and every project - in bringing productive change for my clients and a range of players.
  • I work closely with my clients and consultants, remaining accessible and maintaining clear lines of communication. With a hands on approach to site works I take pride in resolving the finer details that make a difference.

  • I favour classic, strategic golf drawn from existing ground conditions where possible, having been most inspired by the persuasive works at Royal Melbourne, National Golf Links of America and the modern day classics, Rustic Canyon and Friars Head.

  • I believe that courses should evolve in a meaningful way and respond to the societal and environmental needs of our time and am committed to advance the understanding of ideal playability for all golfers.

Rustic Canyon               Photo: Geoff Shackleford

Rustic Canyon            

Photo: Geoff Shackleford