Murrumbidgee Country Club

  • A golf course should have a sense of place; a sense of community. It should accommodate and encourage social interaction by improving accessibility and expanding diversification. Often an afterthought, social equity is a key part of golf course architecture and the management of the Murrumbidgee Country Club acknowledge this.

  • The establishment of the shorter Green Course has focused on making the game and the facility more accessible for a variety of interested players. The Green Course has assisted the customer base at the club to expand by making the game more approachable for golfers of different abilities. Seniors, the less-able, those looking for a quick hit or to sharpen their short game, beginners and their friends enjoy the course, its varied competition regimes and affordable playing options.

  • The course has an official USGA Course Rating and supports regular competitions. The Green Course is the venue for the ACT Short Course Championships.