Royal Canberra Golf Club

  • Preliminary Master Plan (2006) - Detailed analysis of course conditions with recommendations and options provided for future planning purposes. Initial priority works included development of a quality, practice chipping facility and redevelopment of targeted tees and surrounds.

  • Redevelopment of Practice Facilities. A new 1000m2 USGA profile putting green, warm-up nets and new driving range tee transformed the existing practice facilities for members.

  • Development of a 1500m2 chipping green built to USGA specifications, associated practice bunker and surrounds to meet the needs of an increasingly busy golf course and a demanding player profile.

  • Bunker Renovation - A variety of bunker infrastructure works including installation of drainage, incorporation of matting to reduce contamination of sand and measures to improve golfer and equipment access. This renovation program, supported maintenance practices and dramatically improved golfer playability. The intrinsic character of the course was maintained. Late 1990's - early 2000's.

  • Selected Bunker Redevelopment - Undertaken to improve drainage, visibility, access, playability and maintenance shortfalls in the most problematic of the clay bunkers.

  • Selected Tee Redevelopment - Undertaken to increase playable surface areas, restore grades, improve angles of play and sun access, in addition to improved golfer circulation.
  • Clubhouse Landscape and Traffic Analysis - Discussion, concepts and recommendations related to upgrading the grounds, traffic and pedestrian circulation around the Clubhouse precinct.